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    Are you looking for a world-class speaker for a conference, workshop or online summit? Our extraordinary global speakers have been featured at TED, Global Conferences, Sold out summits and exclusive retreats.

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    It has never been easier to reach a global audience. Our speakers are highly experienced and sought after on the premiere telesummits, podcasts, webinars and online training courses in the world.



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    High Impact entertaining talks

    A dynamic keynote address or conference appearance sets the tone and intention for your conference. Ask us about the right speaker to headline your important event.

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    Full immersion for deep transformation

    We can help you find the right expert for your event. We also have a complete retreat and event service to deliver retreats in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • The Power of Letting Go

    How to drop everything that’s holding you back

    Dr Marc

    Understanding the power of

    gratitude to create

    infinite well being

    Anita Hager, CEO Intek

    Visionary Tech CEO and Women Leading Innovation

    in Scandinavian Robotics Industry is also a prolific creative author and composer.

  • About Truly

    Welcome to Truly. Speakers. Sharing True knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligent Leadership.

    About us

    Truly. Speakers.

    The Truly Group is a global group of conscious lifestyle companies dedicated to putting enlightened living into practice.


    Truly. Speakers is a collaboration among some of the world's most extraordinary speakers, authors and influencers to touch people around the world with inspiration, and practical knowledge for their conscious evolution.


    We are here to help you transform you, your team, your business and the World. We have speakers, resources and courses to bring advanced knowledge, people and systems together.


    Our intent is to help companies create true value, become better places to work and to empower individuals with better health and relationships. The timeless and powerful wisdom shared by these experts contributes to the intelligent and loving evolution of our economy and our society.


    We believe that when you live and work aligned to the truest expression of who you are, you become Truly happy, Truly wealthy and Truly great.


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    Speaker Selection


    We provide you with full support to choose and host a major speaker for your event. That includes advice on suitable topic experts, handling the booking logistics and planning the hosting.



    Event Planning

    We have great experience organzing conferences, seminars and retreats and can also advise you on putting together your program and promotion with our optional additional marketing and promotion services.

    For Authors and Speakers

    Truly. Speakers provides speakers with marketing and promotional outreach support so their important message can be seen and heard on the world's most influential platforms. We know you need to focus on writing, and speaking so we take care of all the business and promotional logistics. This frees up your time and energy to connect with the audience who is waiting to hear the message that only you can bring them.



    Our Experts are at the forefront of Tech, Business

    Media and the empowerment of Human Potential




    Let us help you find the right speaker for your conference, convention or leadership retreat.

    We specialize in the practical applications of greater awareness and consciousness. Check out our topic experts.





    Marilyn Jenett | Curry Glassell


    Misa Hopkins | Christina Maria Kramer

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