• Anita Hager

    CEO of Robotics Company, Intek, Creative Powerhouse

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    Anita Hager is one of the leading women in technology in Europe. A trained engineer with a Masters in Economics, she is CEO and owner of Intek. Expert in applying creativity to business and the arts. Anita is a sought-after speaker and presenter. Highly creative has also published prolifically for children's books, writing inspirational "Power Songs in just one year. Her company's award-winning performance has been recognized by business, government and philanthropic organizations. She and her husband are the proud parents of two boys and are based in a beautiful part of Norway.


    She has been a speaker alongside former President Barack Obama at the Innovation Summit. Hosted the Technology Industry Awards. Been recognized by the Oslo Business Forum. Her company's latest project was unveiled by the Prime Minister of Norway who praised Intek's leading contribution to Robotic Automation.

    Be the Magic You Are Series

    Over 100 Inspirational Children's Books

    While leading an innovative tech company, Anita realized the need to help young people become empowered. She has authored over 100 beautifully illustrated children's books to help them learn self-esteem, authenticity, creativity and self-belief.

    Power Songs

    Over 100 Uplifting Anthems for Personal Empowerment

    Anita is an incredibly prolific composer and in one hear has written and produced over 100 anthems for personal empowerment. These songs carry a powerful message for embracing change, self-belief and progress.

  • Anita is a new kind of Tech CEO leading

    with inspiration and creativity

    Discover how your can be the Magic you are in business and life.

    Intek is leading the World in Robotic Automation

    This new fully automated factory was unveiled

    by the Prime Minister of Norway.

    Authentic Presence

    Anita brings the audience to happy tears with her personal message

    of raw authenticity.

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    Anita Hager has a powerful message that we can learn to be our whole, authentic

    selves at work and in business. This leads to astounding creative innovation.

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