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The Healing Helix for Instant Transformation

Adapted from article by Elma Mayer

Three things that are working for healing these days

I have an inkling that these three things will work for you too! But first, why “these days”?

Because… Healing is changing, rapidly. (Yeah, so what else is new? It’s always changing!)

I’m always changing too – and you are as well.

We all go through ebbs and flows, in terms of what works best for healing. You’ve probably experienced this.

How can you tell? Well, a certain healing tool might hog “Center Stage” for a while. Then a few months later, it’ll step back and take a supporting role – only to reappear in a higher form, later.

Of course, the foundations for healing are always in place: Wholeness. Center. Infinite Self. Our ability to Align with those fields, instantly.

But those fields constantly show up in new ways. In varying colors. On many paths… all leading to the same larger field of Healing.

The Healing Helix & the Flowing Flower (Flower of Life)

Central Helix / Sine Waves at the Center of the Flower of Life. Watch the video below, to learn more.

True story #1: a few days ago, a friend emailed me in distress about a horrible argument with her brother. I used my Flower of Life Now Healing Alignment… for less than 15 seconds… before I felt a huge shift (which usually makes me take a huge breath and do a kind of wavy motion with my spine!). My friend emailed me back right away and told me that moments ago, her brother called to apologize, which was very unusual for him – and the tension lessened enormously. This all happened very fast.


True story #2: I was tired, sluggish, achy, bitchy, and brain-fogged from overdoing the Prosecco the night before… and also from unconsciously empathizing with a family member. I took on her negative energy, anxiety, heart palpitations, PTSD, and psychotic paranoia, haha. After suffering for two hours, I remembered that I could actually do something about it! So I did a fast Healing Helix Now Healing Alignment – like I show you in the video below. In moments, I felt huge relief and came fully back to myself.

Free Sample of The Healing Helix – Try it Now! Press Play!

Please note: the Healing Helix course mentioned in the video above is a “sort-of advanced” technique. If you’ve never done any Now Healing before, I don’t recommend starting there! There are easier places to start – like simply watching the video above! BUT… if you are an experienced healer, this Healing Helix thing will knock your energetic socks off!

For more on Elma Mayer's original healing work for the environment and people around the world see:

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