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The Perfection Paradox

Elma Mayer Founder, Now Healing

By Elma Mayer Founder, Now Healing.

Do you need Improvement? “You are already perfect, there’s no need for self-improvement anymore,” is a popular platitude among my fellow metaphysicians. And while that’s true from the perspective of zen Centeredness… it’s also false, from the point of view of individual biology and collective evolution.

Welcome to the Perfection Paradox!

If our bodies don’t self-heal and our cells don’t self-improve, we die. But if our minds constantly strive to improve, are never satisfied, and we are always struggling to be good enough… then we suffer.

The paradox is all-too familiar, through our entire life cycle. The ecstasy of sex, the agony of childbirth, the joys and sorrows of children, the love of life, the destiny of death.

From a local perspective, life’s pendulum swings between perfection and imperfection.

But when we zoom out and observe from the state of Wholeness… the wild swings of the pendulum transform into a waveform of what-is. We transcend the paradox. We perceive not just isolated points of pain and pleasure, but larger and larger patterns, expanding out to Wholeness.

We are already Whole – and simultaneously… we are always becoming more and more Whole. This “simultaneity” is not a classic case of the either-or duality of opposites. It’s a holographic duality. Always-Becoming-Whole is a higher-level duality: Wholeness is both a state, and a process towards an ever-larger state of infinite expansion. But the lower-level duality of Either Perfect or Imperfect generates a feedback loop of distortion in daily life.

If I am in perfect health, then why will I die? If my mood is often less-than-perfect, why does my husband still love me? If I have the perfect job and income, why am I dissatisfied? I must somehow be imperfect on a deeper level, right? Maybe if I just try harder to perfect myself? Or maybe if I just totally let go and always “love what is,” then nothing will ever annoy me again? Yeah, right.

That’s Why we Transcend the Duality of “Perfect vs. Imperfect,” rather than striving for perfection. Because perfection implies its own opposite. Instead of being perfect, let’s go for being Centered. Perfect vs. Imperfect is a two-dimensional continuum – and life is not two-dimensional. But Centeredness is multi-dimensional!

Try this Instant Energetic Alignment... Now:

Here’s a little taste of what will happen when you begin to work with the powerful, instant Now Healing Alignments. You can do them anywhere even in a Board room meeting, – presentation whenever you feel stress, or discomfort.

1. Tune in to your biggest “imperfection” for about 5 seconds. How much does it upset you?

2. Now re-focus your attention away from that, and instead, become aware of your Center, as you say these commands:

Disentangle from my assumptions and judgements about my imperfection… now.
Align my imperfection with its Highest Expression… now.

3. Breathe in to your Center and allow the shifts… now.

4. Notice your “imperfection” now. It feels like it’s not such a big deal, right?

Although these Energetic Alignments look like mere affirmations, the act of "becoming aware of your Center as you say them" creates real changes, in actual reality. How? Why? Because the Center is an information input for your body-mind-biofield, and whatever gets "Entered to your Center" becomes instantly activated. Unlike affirmations, which must wend their way slowly through your subconscious, then percolate into your material and mental forms over time, these Energetic Alignments work at the speed of light. Use them often – to build your confidence, and to activate other's people's confidence in you... as you plug into the power of the Perfection Paradox.

Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing, is an internationally sought-after master healer, speaker and author who has taught over 40,000 people worldwide to instantly transform their lives, career, relationships, work and the environment. Elma originated the breakthrough Now Healing Alignments for effortless, rapid transformation.

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