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    Conscious Financial Expert, Documentary Film Producer, Presidential Fundraiser

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    Born to a glamorous globetrotter, raised in oil patch opulence, educated in New York City, and finished with a big dose of reality as a struggling single mom, today Curry Glassell is a global progressive powerhouse putting people, ideas and money together to create positive lasting change. As a provocative, multi-faceted change agent, Curry is a dynamic producer, author, speaker, philanthropist, and art-loving mother of two who always seeks to promote her personal mission to make everyone feel valued, with every project– and person– she touches.

    The ambitious, engaging Houstonian is propelled by both a substantial talent for connecting people; as well as a compelling back story, which underpins Curry’s desire to help others experience profound joy in their adult lives, by shifting habitual thinking so they can make more satisfying choices in the future. Curry Glassell’s progressive world view is informed by early experiences in Texas, Manhattan and Boston. While the glitter and gold of girlhood looked warm and beautiful to outsiders, reality was far different inside the chilly Glassell bubble. Later, when she found herself a divorced, deserted and desolate single mom of two young boys, she pivoted and took total charge of her own life to forge a courageous new path– supercharged with a passion for conscious change and personal empowerment.


    Speaker Topics:

    • Financial Consciousness
    • Creating Conscious Leadership
    • Women's Empowerment

    Based in USA

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    Campaigner and Fundraiser for Change

    Infliuential fundraiser

    Curry has been a brilliant contribution on many projects, campaigns and non profit organizations. She has a desire to see the world a better place and takes initiative on this vision.

    Producer HBO Documentary

    "All about Ann" First Female Governer of Texas.

    Curry is the originating documentary producer who kicked off the sensational HBO biography of the late/great, witty and wise Texas Gov. Ann Richards, in “All About Ann” (2014), which debuted at the TriBeCa Film Festival to a sold out audience— and connected her to Bill Clinton, Al Franken and many other high profile “Ann fans.”

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    Curry Glassell can help high net worth individuals and corporates

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    Curry is an expert in the Access Consciousness Method

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    Curry is an expert in the Access Consciousness Method

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