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    Ellie Drew, M.S., President and Founder of the nonprofit Institute for Conscious Change, Founder and Honorary Lifetime Member of the National Qigong Association. Ellie is world famous as "the practical mystic" for her ability to distill a lifetime of unique mystical experiences into transformation teachings accessible to anyone to enhance their spiritual journey. She is a legendary full clairvoyant medium and channel with rare abilities to consciously visit and document the highest levels of Heaven and collaborate with beings in all realms of consciousness and spirit. Ellie's work is the subject of major scientific research on the practical nature of consciousness. Ellie loves to share her gift and set people free to live their best life by teaching conscious manifestation that works. Her teaching style is warm, friendly and very down to earth in requiring all new understandings to translate into creating practical results in people's personal lives and business.


    Ellie has spoken at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, She has lectured very extensively in China. She is also part of a major collaboration with academic Scientists to explore the relationship between scientific knowledge and consciousness.


    Keynote & Workshop Topics:

    - The Power of Conscious Prayer & Manifestation

    - Uniting Science & Spirituality

    - Understanding human potential.


    The Lost Wisdom of Conscious Manifesting

    DVD Workshop Presentation

    The amazing account of what happened when Ellie spent a nine months in prayer, fasting and meditation before going to college. During that time she was directly responsible for these occurrences but didn't know how. Ellie spent years trying to figure out what she'd been doing and eventually developed Conscious Manifesting. Today Ellie shares with you her 25+ years of manifesting experiences (good and bad!), trusting that the voice that burst through her with the edict to share this information is also calling specific people to learn Conscious Manifesting - to heal themselves, the earth and each other. Enjoy this two hour presentation of Ellie Drew giving a Conscious Manifesting lecture in Tucson, Arizona at the local chapter meeting of the Institute of Noetic Sciences". 2 hours of video.

    Way of the Lotus Flower

    Workshop & Manual

    Ellie Drew's signature workshop which includes advanced forgiveness practices that empowers people to set themselves and all relationships free and evolve on their journey to enlightenment and harmoney.

  • Watch powerful ancient wisdom revealed

    Enjoy this video presentation by Ellie

    Ancient Code Part 1.

    The Effects of the Soul Fields on Your Current Life Situation.

    In this extraordinary presentation Ellie Drew recounts the findings of research into the nature of unforgiveness and karma.

    Ancient Code Part 2.

    Ellie Drew Reveals how to Clear Blocks at the Soul Level

    Practical Tools and Guidance for Creating Life anew by doing the emotional unhooking process.

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