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    Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing, is an internationally sought-after master healer, speaker and author who has taught over 40,000 people worldwide to instantly transform their lives, career, relationships, work and the environment. Elma originated the breakthrough Now Healing Alignments for effortless, rapid transformation.


    As the daughter of two scientists, a mathematical physicist and a biochemist, she was motivated to go beyond traditional linear models and discover ways to make profound transformation practical, accessible and actionable for everyone.


    Her work empowers people worldwide to be able to “do something” immediately to create positive change. Medical doctors, energy healers, absolute beginners, and even skeptics effectively use Now Healing, to create miraculous instant shifts for themselves, family, and clients. Elma’s calling is to awaken everyone’s innate healing ability – in minutes, not months or years.


    Her breakthrough Instant Morphic Healing techniques take “energy healing” beyond local biofields, and expand healing to the larger realms of ecosystems, global consciousness and Alignment with Wholeness. For over 20 years, Elma has applied Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance to her healing work, with tremendous results.


    Elma's approachable, warm conversational style has made her a social media influencer who is widely followed on YouTube with over 25,000 views per video. She uses this platform to reach individuals and organisations to introduce them to how to restore the natural environment and clean up toxic situations with scalable energy transformation for the workplace, natural world and team dynamics. Elma also teaches this pioneering work to non-profits and corporates around the world via keynotes, worksops & retreats.


    Elma is married to a film and television music composer and is the mother of two talented people. She also has a Master’s Degree in composition and brings sonic energetics into her healing work.


    Keynote & Workshop Topics:

    • How to use Now Healing Alignments to Create Instant Positive Change.

    • Practical Energetic Environmental Cleanup for Oceans, Forests, Animals, & Cities.

    • How to instantly improve your health, wealth and relationships with sacred geometry.

    Based in USA

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    Heal Your Situation

    Groundbreaking Energy Transformation

    Elma Mayer's pioneering new contribution to the field of energy healing.

    This comprehensive flagship master work puts power back in the hands of the individual. Heal Your Situation recognizes what many “specialists” fail to see: None of your problems are localized. Because everything is interconnected – not just “body-mind-spirit” but all of time, space, matter, energy, and morphic resonance.


    So really, all “problems” are actually much larger situations… with entanglements on the cosmic and microcosmic levels that easily be resolved holistically.

    The Healing Helix

    The Six Integrations and Seven Transformations

    Elma Mayer has developed powerful ways of Aligning health, wealth, wisdom, people, places, flow to sacred geometry to dramatically and instantly create powerful change in every area of your life. In her powerful retreats and workshops she leads individuals and organisations through effective, practical ways of creating instant transformation with the Flower of Life, Healing Helix and other sacred geometries from the great wisdom traditions. This work also brings great healing to the natural world.

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    Elma Mayer is highly popular online and has over 25,000 views per video on YouTube for her groundbreaking work.

    Now Healing Alignment

    Overview and Experience of Now Healing Alignment

    Applied Morphic Resonance

    Elma in Conversation with Renowned Scientist Rupert Sheldrake

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