• Georgina Jones, Author

    & Founder "Turn Lights On"

    Meet Georgina Jones inspiring beacon of powerful change and connection. Ted Talk Speaker.

    Georgina Jones

    In-person keynotes, retreats, talks, corporate consulting

    Georgina Jones is the founder of Turn Lights On, a joyful movement which helps you to take stock, slow down, connect with people and appreciate the hell out of life! Georgina has spoken around the world about connection, including a well received TEDx talk.

    Georgina has a multitude of talents that include performing, singing and writing, as well as being a successful businesswoman who has set up two thriving companies

    Clients Georgina has worked with include:

    *Innocent Drinks * EE *GE Capitol *Admiral Insurance * Skills for Health * DHL Supply Chain * DHL Express *BBC *Spire Healthcare *Principality *Lloyds Banking Group *Sports Wales * Chartered Management Institute The Institute of Directors (IOD)


    Keynote Topics:

    - Conscious Connection

    - Transformative Presence

    - Engaged and Connected Teams


    Based in the UK

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    Turn Lights On

    How to Light Up Your World and Live a Life You Love Now


    When you're distracted, worried, or unhappy, it can be easy to look through people and let your thoughts wander. But when you pay attention to the energy you give off, you can change how you view the world and interact with others. In fact, you can instantly be happier, healthier, and more successful by channeling the positive energy inside you with the help of Georgina Jones, who walks you through the practice of turning lights on so you can live in the moment.

    Learn how to build confidence, control stress and anxiety, boost your energy, and maximize the value of relationships. Throughout the book, you'll be asked to answer questions about yourself that will help you embrace each day. As you tweak your approach to life, you'll discover that there's a big difference between shuffling along and feeling like the world is against you and walking with a spring in your step, fired up to accomplish great things as you Turn Lights On.

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    Ted Talk - Georgina Jones

    It's Good to Give Presence

    This recent Ted Talk shares Georgina's core message of empowerment of self and others through compassionate, engaged presence.

    What is Turn Lights On?

    An inspiring overview of this gentle, joyful revolution

    Find out how beautiful the world can be when you help yourself and others light up and shine.

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