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    Kate’s expertise in integrated experience strategy and human-centric digital transformation comes from more than 20 years of experience and entrepreneurship leading innovations across technology, marketing, and operations, developing human-centric, data-guided, and brand-aligned growth and retention strategies for category-leading companies.


    She created the first content management role at Netflix; was founder & CEO of [meta]marketer, a first-of-its-kind analytics and digital strategy agency; led cutting-edge online optimization work at Magazines.com; developed Toshiba America‘s first intranet; and has held leadership and advisory positions in a variety of digital content and technology start-ups.


    Kate is now founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic consultancy committed to improving human experience at scale. Clients have included Cisco, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Kelly Services, a wide variety of non-profit organizations, professional associations, and industry conferences, and even the city of Amsterdam.


    Whether in convention centers to audiences of thousands or in an executive board room, Kate advocates for the future of meaningful human experiences by helping corporate and cultural leaders re-think how to succeed long-term by taking a human-centric approach to digital transformation and readiness for the future.


    Author of 4 books including her latest, “Tech Humanist,” Kate’s insights and expertise have been featured in outlets such as WIRED, CMO.com, and USA Today, and she has appeared as an expert commentator on BBC, NPR, Marketplace, NBC, and a wide variety of other national and international news media.


    “I definitely recommend Kate as a keynote speaker at any type of professional event. Her experience creates an arsenal of expert subjects she can share to inspire a variety of audiences.” — event organizer


    Born in the Chicago area and having enjoyed years of living in Silicon Valley, Portland, Oregon, Düsseldorf, and Nashville, Kate is proud to now call New York City home. Throughout her career, she has been named a “Woman to Watch in Retail Disruption,” “Technology Entrepreneur of the Year,” “Social Media Strategist of the Year,” a “Power Leader in Technology” and a “Woman of Influence,” among numerous other awards and recognitions.


    She is also a vocal and visible advocate for women and underrepresented people in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership — she was featured by Google in the launch of their global campaign for women in entrepreneurship.


    A thought-provoking and dynamic speaker, Kate appears frequently at industry conferences and private events, providing galvanizing keynotes, moderating and participating in lively panel discussions, and facilitating transformative executive workshops and retreats.


    Keynote Topics:

    • Tech Humanism: How Data and Technology Shape the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences
    • Pixels and Place - Creating experiences that integrate the physical and digital worlds
    • Automated Meaning How the Next Wave of Tech is Changing Human ExperienceDigital Transformation and You.

    Based in The USA

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    Tech Humanist

    How You Can Make Technology Better for Business

    and Better for Humans

    Technology drives the future we create. But are we steering that technology in directions that create that future in the best way, for the most people?

    In her new book “Tech Humanist,” Kate O’Neill examines the intent, goals and avenues through which people create and distribute technology, and the amplifying effects technology has on the values the organizations that deploy it.

    O’Neill defines a new model of business leader — the “tech humanist” — as developing honest assessments of organizational goals that move far beyond traditional P&L statements, and peer deeper into the consequences of everyday human experience design within our increasingly tech-driven culture.

    It’s the idea of using purpose as a strategy — defining organizational meaning, consequences and outcomes to align both business and human objectives — to spur making the world better by making the technology better. And it’s a role that needs to emerge as quickly and spread as completely as the new technologies it aims to harness for the common good, for both businesses and humans alike.

    Pixels and Place

    Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces

    The distinction between “online” and “offline,” between “digital” and “physical,” once seemingly unambiguous, has begun to blur thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and personal location data, ad and experience targeting, connected devices, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, and additive capabilities like 3-D printing. The biggest business opportunities for innovative experiences, according to digital marketing expert and "tech humanist" Kate O'Neill, will come from blending the physical and digital worlds intentionally to create a meaningful and integrated human experience. And to do that, we must recognize that human motivations connect these worlds through a transactional data layer, and create experiences with respect for the humanity represented by that data.

    In looking at the opportunities presented by the convergence of physical and digital, O’Neill also examines the underlying meaning of place, as well as the abundant metaphors of place already in use in digital experience, and how we can shape our audiences' experiences more meaningfully in alignment with our own business objectives. Executives, strategists, marketers, city planners, and anyone who creates experiences for humans will take away valuable insights from this book.

    Lessons from Los Gatos

    How Working at a Startup Called Netflix Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

    (and Mentor)

    As one of the movie giant's first 100 employees, Kate O'Neill witnessed the early culture and vision of the company and its leaders. In this quick read, she lists some of the key lessons she took away to start and run her own companies and advise others.

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    Meaning & Purpose


    At a time when more data is being produced than at any time in human history, what you measure makes the difference.

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